Sunday, March 14, 2010

#65 A Streetcar Named Desire - Stanley may be an A-hole...

1951. dir. Elia Kazan, starring Vivien Leigh, Marlon Brando, Kim Hunter, Karl Malden.

Seen it before? No.

But I kind of understood where he was coming from...he's verbally and physically abusive, and a drunk, and so I hated him...but when he found out about his delusional sister-in-law and reported the news to his wife in hopes of calling Blanche out on her shenanigans, I was totally on his that bad?

Stella is a weak character...she yells back at Stanley, sure, but she stays with him despite how badly she is treated...and why is she kow-towing to Blanche? I mean, I know they're sisters, but she lets herself just get walked all over, all around...YUCK!

Blanche is some sort of crazy...and unfortunately the movie portrays her as doing it to herself...squandering her money, getting fired from her job as a teacher for canoodling with her students...come on! Go to a half-way house and a shrink and get back on track...don't act holier than though and lean on your family whom you haven't spoken to in ages!

Watch it again? Eh...
Own it? Meh
Last I read Sam's addition about the fact that Blanche (in play form) had a gay husband and that Stanley raped her...heavy man...and it adds so much more to why she is the way she is...and gets me totally out of Stan's corner of the ring of whose side to be on!

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