Sunday, March 14, 2010

#71 Amadeus: Consigned to flames of woe

1984. dir. Milos Forman, starring F. Murray Abraham, Tom Hulce, Elizabeth Berridge, Jeffrey Jones.

Seen it before? No.

I really hate overstuffed costume drama bullshit like this. It's the tale of two rivals - best friends? lovers? subtext ahoy - Antonio Salieri (F. Murray Abraham) and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Tom Hulce) who are both composers in 1700's Austria. Salieri is simply not as gifted as Mozart, as evidenced by the scene where Salieri has written a welcome march for Mozart, and Mozart can not only play it from memory having heard it only once, but he dramatically improves it.

So the problem with Mozart is that he's a drunk, arrogant, a womanizer, unreliable, and uncouth. Salieri is none of these things, which fills him with rage and jealously, and blah blah blah, this is one of those movies that you don't have to think about very much, because they explain everything to you. Oh and it has one of those "here let me tell you my life story" narration framing devices just like Forrest Gump, which I always find lazy and annoying. At least the music is great.

Position on the list: 82
Annoyance: Mozart's laugh. You'd think it would stop when he (spoiler) dies, but you'd be wrong. HEEHEEHEEHEEHHEE!!!!

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