Thursday, April 1, 2010

#88 From Justin To Kelly

2003. dir. Robert Iscove, starring Justin Guarini, Kelly Clarkson.

Auteur and visionary Robert Iscove had thrilled audiences with his seminal, groundbreaking films She's All That and Boys and Girls, but nobody was prepared for this. Probably the greatest movie ever made, From Justin To Kelly redefined the art of cinema. Robert Iscove used two of the world’s brightest young stars to create this masterpiece of American cinema. In doing so he captured the hearts of audiences and critics alike. Lest anyone forget – this movie still holds the record for worldwide box office, and won an incredible sixteen Oscars, including two for Justin Guarini.

From Justin To Kelly has everything: comedy, action, drama, romance. Of course, it’s also a musical – who could forget such classic songs as “Text me Sometime” and “SRSLY NOT INTRSTD”? Only the most hardened cynic could fail to be moved by this film. Let me tell you, when I saw this movie, I wept openly at its sheer beauty and joy, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. See this movie, right now, even if you’ve seen it a dozen times (and really, who hasn’t?)

Position on the list: 24


  1. You're not serious that this was 24 on the list... Maybe more like 240? Or 2400? I could understand 2400...

  2. read the first letter of each sentence.