Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#109 The Bourne Ultimatum - Damon's kind of a Streisand in this movie...

2007. dir. Paul Greengrass, starring Matt Damon, Joan Allen, David Stratharin, Julia Stiles.

Seen it before? Yes.

The last of the Bourne series to be filmed...I remember sitting in the theater at Northbrook Court because it was the first movie Sam and I saw after Daniel was born. I also remember that there was a kid in the audience who was like nine or ten and watching with his mother...and I thought, who the hell would take their nine or ten year old kid to see this movie!?!? It was VIOLENT with a capital V and there was no way a kid would understand the plot. Hire a sitter for goodness sakes!

Despite my objections to the woman and her kid I actually liked the movie...though I will admit that I had a little bout of motion sickness because the cinematography was incredibly shaky. It left room for another Bourne movie in the event Matt Damon wanted to do another one...I truly hope they don't Bond this movie series.

The movie series does make you think...yes, all you conspiracy theorists out there, this one's for you. Could the government's secret agencies really be constantly hiring hitmen/women and have they brainwashed volunteers to do the bidding so that they know the distance between where they sit and all major exits, and that three of the people are carrying weapons, six of them are right handed, and the cook spat in the guys' coffee? Can you just imagine?

See it again? HELL Yes!
Own it? We did but I think someone "borrowed" it.

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