Sunday, February 28, 2010

#60 It Happened One Night - more like, It Happened One Bus Ride

1934. dir. Frank Capra, starring Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert.

Seen it before? No.

Yes, Sam, this is the mother of all romantic comedies...and come to think about it, every romantic comedy I love is like this one...with one exception...seeing as it's one of the first of its gripe about the movie is that when the characters fall in love toward the end of the movie it's not believable because of what a jerk Clark Gable it! Yes, fine, there are other movies where the leads are completely unlikely in terms of falling in love, but at least when they DO fall in love you can practically feel it. The screen burns with passion...I would list examples but Sam's eye rolls really get to me! OK FINE...Here's one...When Harry Met Sally Harry is SUCH an Ass to Sally but when they get together you are rooting for them, the chemistry appears and you believe that they are in love. And you're right Sam, Runaway Bride TOTALLY was ripping this movie off but I prefer Richard Gere's meanness to Clark Gable's...

Claudette Colbert was cute when she showed Peter just how to hitchhike. How she didn't get caught during the scene where her dad's men searched the motel room is beyond me. Did the little kid swindle her or what? The premise is cute. IF Clark Gable's Peter wasn't such as ass to Ellie this would have been the best romantic comedy ever! I would gladly watch it again and own it.

One thing I'm really glad about...We watched this BEFORE Gone With the Wind
Two movies Claudette Colbert did not star in that we already watched - His Girl Friday and All About Eve

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