Saturday, March 6, 2010

#62 Annie Hall - Oh Woody Allen, you're such a whiner!

#62 Annie Hall: I was a lot more attractive when the evening began.
1977. dir. Woody Allen, starring Woody Allen, Diane Keaton.

Seen it before? Yes.

The first time I saw this I fell asleep halfway through. The second time I watched this I also fell asleep. While Sam was writing his blog post I tuned back in to the last part I remembered being awake for and finished the movie. I've only seen three Woody Allen movies and two in which he acts in the film...but I wonder if he's really acting or if he's playing himself....a neurotic New Yorker with verbal diarrhea...okay fine, the last part was a bit over the top since he doesn't actually swear a lot when he's playing himself...but I stand firm on my neurotic New Yorker comment.

Alvy is whiny. Whiny. Whiny. Whiny. But Annie isn't any different at first. And the problem Alvy gets himself into is really that he tells Annie to take some courses to better herself and she does and starts to grow from her newfound experiences whereas Alvy stays the same neurotic guy. Those who don't grow together drift apart eh?

I did like Diane Keaton in this movie. She was refreshing if not annoying. Her fashion choices were interesting. I'm sure if I was around in the 70s I would have wanted to wear what I saw her wearing but in 2010 I have to say "No Thank You!"

Would I see it again? Eh
Would I own it? No
Favorite movie scene - any of Diane Keaton's driving scenes.

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