Thursday, December 31, 2009

Movie nights...

in the Bell household for these last few days of 2009 have become pretty obnoxious. With this list of 250 movies we have to watch (and blog about) in 2010, we can't touch the stack of 25 DVDs of those 250 that we actually own until 2010 which pretty much means I'm going out of my mind trying to pick what to watch that Sam won't mind. Let's face it, most of MY collection are chick flicks. Most of Sam's are ones I wouldn't touch ("Borat") or would put me to sleep ("Donnie Darko", and yes, I realize this is part of the 250 movies on the list!)
In the past few days we have watched "Love Actually" (okay truthfully I watched 98% of this myself and Sam came in to the last 10 minutes and mocked the entire movie), "Ocean's Eleven" (Pitt/Clooney), and "Catch Me If You Can" because we can't watch "Kill Bill 1 or 2", or "Back to the Future", "Up", or "Star Trek"...and I can only get Sam to watch movies that are NOT romantic comedies though he'll tolerate "Two Weeks Notice" or movies where Hugh Grant plays a jerk. In the end it's not so bad. We seem to be leaning toward old stand-bys such as "Coming to America" and "Tommy Boy" but because we watch those so often we can practically speak the script verbatim, it's almost like, 'what's the point?' So for my sanity I can't WAIT until January 1, 2010...because I can FINALLY re-watch "Bourne Ultimatum", "Amelie", "Batman Begins" and my current favorite "Star Trek" with Chris Pine!

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  1. let me state for the record that I cannot stand Love Actually. all I want for Christmas is to not watch that movie.