Saturday, January 2, 2010

#1 Children of Men

2006. dir. Alfonso Cuaron, starring Clive Owen, Julianne Moore, Michael Caine.

Seen it before? No

Let's face it, a world without children or laughter is down right creepy...the single shots by Cuaron were done really well but this movie was too violent for me....weird considering I can sit through a Bourne movie with no problem. No explanation of if it was only women who were infertile or if men were infertile too but it seems to be implied that women were the ones who carried the burden of the worldwide issue.

Clive Owen and Julian Moore were terrific, though the latter was out of the movie pretty early on. Michael Caine was unintelligible so we had to turn on the captions. I didn't know what Jasper's relationship to Theo was. Comedic moments did exist in Syd the crooked cop, Maricka the eccentric gypsy woman, and the mouth-to-mouth ball popping exchange. I'm not quite sure if I like how the movie ended but I suppose there was enough of a resolution for me. Clare-Hope Ashitey was excellent...I loved her humor with the names she thought of for her unborn child...Froley and Bazouka...and how the baby was "annoyed" due to all the gunfire and bombings.

Would I see it again? Sure
Would I make it a part of our collection? No

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