Saturday, January 23, 2010

#31 The Graduate - probably didn't think of what was going to happen afterward

1967. dir. Mike Nichols, starring Anne Bancroft, Dustin Hoffman, Katharine Ross.

Seen it before? Not entirely

I've seen the first seduction scene and the ending. The rest of the movie, not entirely. I have to agree with Sam about Mrs. Robinson being sultry and seductive at first but then a complete psycho toward the end of the movie. Why do that to a character? And what was Elaine thinking? She's going to run off with Ben? Really? What about the relationship with her parents? Don't get me wrong, clearly Ben did not rape her mother but ew! The thought of a girl sleeping with a guy who has slept with her mother is totally repulsive!

Feeny or KITT (depending on what generation you belong to) was Ben's dad. Mr. Roper was, funnily enough, a landlord. As for Dustin Hoffman, DAMN was he ripped for this movie! I like Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson because she had the right amount of sexiness and chutzpah to carry the role. Her husband should have kept his mouth shut to Ben about sowing his oats before making a decision about graduate school.

Now I know Sam talked about how this movie has been parodied many, many times but I think my favorite parody was from Wayne's World 2. Hilarious!

Would I see it again? Yes I suppose I would
Would I own it? No, not my thing.

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