Sunday, January 24, 2010

#32 Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid - Brokeback Mountain has nothing on these guys...

1969. dir. George Roy Hill, starring Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Marianne Ross.

Seen it before? No.

We watched this movie the day after watching the Graduate which Sam told me Robert Redford went out for...but was then rejected since the director (I think) asked him if he knew what it was like to be rejected by a woman and he had no idea what the director was talking about. That makes sense. Have you SEEN Robert Redford as a young man? HELLO!!!!

I don't know how Etta did it...managing two men who are so incredibly good looking and who happen to be perpetual criminals. I love how, since she's a school teacher, that she taught them enough Spanish to rob banks and others in Bolivia...speaking of which, why Bolivia? Don't get me wrong, their journey to get to Bolivia was quite entertaining (a stop in either Atlantic City or Coney Island - admittedly I wasn't playing as close attention to the screen as I could have been)...and getting there was even more hilarious because Robert Redford was ticked off they landed seemingly in the middle of nowhere...and then she helps them with their robbery attempts (and successfully so at that!).

I thought it was a good movie. I thought the relationship between Butch and the Kid was really interesting. Butch never killed anyone by shooting? Really? and Why was the Kid so attached? Of course they would never play the romance card, but still. Interesting. Watch it and make your own conclusions. And yes, that was a young Cloris Leachman as a brothel worker...

Favorite scene - Percy Garris (the Captain from Cool Hand Luke) is now the boys' boss because they decided to "go straight" and knowing how they would act they are paranoid about an ambush...particularly the last thing Percy says...
Percy Garris: [singing] Oh don't you remember sweet Betsy from Pike / Crossed the high mountains with her lover Ike / Two yoke of oxen and big yellow dog / Called Shanghai rooster and one spotted hog / Hoodle-dang-hootie-i-doh, hoodle-dang-hootie-ay, hoodle-dang-hootie-i-doh, hoodle-dang-hootie-ay / Shanghai ran off and the cattle all died / last piece of bacon that morning was fried...
Butch Cassidy: [interrupting] I think they're in the trees up ahead.
Sundance Kid: In the bushes on the left.
Butch Cassidy: I'm telling you they're in the trees up ahead.
Sundance Kid: You take the trees, I'll take the bushes.
Percy Garris: Will you two beginners cut it out.
Butch Cassidy: Well, we're just trying to spot an ambush, Mr. Garris.
Percy Garris: Morons. I've got morons on my team. Nobody is going to rob us going down the mountain. We have got no money going down the mountain. When we have got the money, on the way back, then you can sweat.

Would I watch it again? Yes
Would I own it? It was pretty entertaining so yes.

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