Saturday, January 30, 2010

#37 The Incredibles - Da Dum Dum Da Dah...where is the sequel?

2004. dir. Brad Bird, starring Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Jason Lee, Sarah Vowell, Samuel L. Jackson.

Seen it before? Yes.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, I definitely think you should! The animators at Pixar really outdid themselves with this visually appealing, all-ages, super-hero movie!

Bob is Mr. Incredible and is married to Helen aka Elasti-girl. They have three kids, Violet (who can disappear and throw force fields), Dash (who can run faster than a speeding bullet - which they show you), and a baby, Jack-Jack (whom it is later revealed turns into many, many horrifying creatures!). "Supers" are in hiding among the regular humans and a madman is creating robots that can cause chaos and destruction which only he can stop.

Why I love this movie:
1. The animation is amazing. My favorite scenes all take place on the island...if there is such an island I would LOVE to visit it...don't get me wrong, I've island hopped in the PI but the island in this movie is just so amazing...speaking of which, how in and where the hell did that kid get the money to inhabit a lush island and create all the cool modes of transportation?!?!?;
2. Edna...She is one of those characters who sticks with you for a long time. She kind of reminds me of Lind Hunt...and looks like her too!
3. The super powers are AWESOME!!! I would like Violet's thank you very much!
4. Fro-zone - Samuel L. Jackson...making him, by sheer volume numbers, the top grossing actor (over Harrison Ford if you can believe it)
5. Wallace Shawn - even if you HATED the character and wanted to throw him through the walls of Insuracare like Bob did, you have to admit, that voice is just hilarious to listen to!
6. Helen flying the plane...AWESOME that they had her do it instead of what they originally intended - having her former flight companion (a man) fly.
7. Have I mentioned the island is amazing? A modern engineering marvel if it ever existed!
8. Mirage...that voice, so sultry, so perfect for the character that was drawn...and belonging to the eldest daughter in Tortilla Soup.
9. Sibling rivalry is hilarious and totally real. Of COURSE the young boy would make fun of his sister's jr. high school crush!
10. All parts when the little kid on the tricycle sees Bob interacting with the car...

So the question is, when did this movie take place? Mr. Incredible looked through the database and it seemed like ElastiGirls' last sighting was '55...and the cars looked older...Even with fifteen years passing it would only be '70...If you have the answer for me I would LOVE to know!

Would I see it again? HELL YES!
Own it? Yup
Favorite line: My God, you've gotten fat!

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  1. Bam, if you're talking about where the "kid" got the money to get the island...wasn't it revealed that he was the guy that sued that caused all the supers to go into hiding in the first place???

    Unless it's some other kid that you're talking about...then I'll need to watch said movie again.


    JayBee Anama