Wednesday, January 27, 2010

#35 Blade Runner - Darryl Hannah (at probably her hottest) looking extremely creepy

1982. dir. Ridley Scott, starring Harrison Ford, Sean Young, Rutger Hauer, Darryl Hannah.

Seen it before? No.

So I do get it. Harrison Ford comes out of retirement to kill four replicants (aka robots created to be "more human than human") who have come back to Earth after being banished to outer space forever. There's a stripper, the leader, his girlfriend, and the guy at the beginning of the film who get interviewed to see if he is a replicant. There's a girl, the assistant to the company head which created the replicants, who is one but has been screwed with so she has memories of being a kid.

I'll give them credit...for 1982 the future is pretty freaking awesome looking - they traded smog in LA for rain from Seattle. The billboards that are all over the buildings look like Tokyo from Lost in Translation or Times Square in New other words, aside from the crazy buildings (which almost couldn't stand the way they are in the movie), the visionaries of this movie weren't so far off.

I love Harrison Ford but not in this movie. I wasn't too keen on most of the costumes but again, for 1982, they WERE pretty awesome...especially Zhora's raincoat (clear) and all other costumes in that part of the movie. I agree with Sam...the foundation was pretty cool...they could have gone in a different direction and it would have been WAY, and the voice-over? Three words - DRIPPING WITH SARCASM!!!

Would I see it again? Yeah, sure, just in case I missed something
Would I own it? No
# of lines Edward James Olmos had as Gaff on-screen: 7

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