Sunday, February 21, 2010

#55 Raging Bull - another F'ing boxing movie

1980. dir. Martin Scorsese, starring Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, Cathy Moriarty, Frank Vincent.

Seen it before? No.

Ha ha, yes, I did mistake this movie for Kevin Kostner's Bull Durham and so I was shocked to see a black and white boxing match as the menu appeared on screen.

You know it's pretty bad that we've seen the more recent Scorsese films and are working our way back through his earlier films. I've seen Goodfellas and the more recent The Departed. And I hear there are a few more on the list that I haven't seen (get your gasps out now because I was [gladly] sheltered from Scorsese growing up) Once Upon a Time in America, Taxi Driver and Casino. I must say that if the films are going to be the same damn story set in different times and settings I'm going to be continuously disappointed. See, DeNiro and Pesce are brothers in this movie but their tempers are the same as in Goodfellas and it's really damn annoying. I hate how women are treated badly in Scorsese movies. I hate that they beat the crap out of each other instead of talking stuff out.

I kept on wondering where I saw Cathy Moriarty before. She was the chick in Casper (Bill Pullman and Christina Ricci). She's good but her character puts up with way too much of DeNiro's characters' crap! LaMotta is essentially a huge loser with a capital L. His brother was wise to not forgive him after he got the crap kicked out of him in front of his wife and kids.

Last thoughts - god I hope the rest of the Scorsese movies I haven't seen aren't this disappointing.
Watch it again? NO
Own it? HELL No

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