Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More on Princess Mononoke...

  • Yes, I could read the summary on Wikipedia, but that's not the point. The plot needs to be understandable while you're watching the movie without having to resort to Cliff's Notes. Also, that summary is really long, and contains sentences like this:
    Jigo, who is now revealed to be a mercenary-hunter, plans to give the head [of the Forest Spirit] to the emperor; in return the emperor promises to give Irontown legal protection against the envious daimyos coveting the town's prosperity.

  • The environmental aspect of it. This is your basic Space Whale Aesop, where the lessons are "Don't destroy the forest, because doing so will anger the boar-god and transform him into a demon" and "Don't shoot the forest gods in the head with a shotgun, because they will turn into this giant blue thing and destroy your whole town." Whatever you say, Matlock.

  • Although, to be fair, I will give the filmmakers props for not making the villain 100% evil. I mean sure, she's plundering the environment, but she is good to her workers, and she does have a reason for cutting down the forest. I's not like on Captain Planet where they would just bulldoze rainforests for the hell of it.

  • The movie is rated PG-13, but has some pretty hard-core violence; we're talking Kill Bill shit here with people's arms getting chopped off and pigs vomiting blood. Also the monsters are pretty scary. Don't let young children watch it.
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