Saturday, January 16, 2010

#23 The Empire Strikes Back - So those awkward lines from the pre-quel can be found in this movie too...

1980. dir. Irvin Kirshner, starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, Frank Oz, Anthony Daniels, James Earl Jones.

Seen it before? Oh yeah.

Han and Leia are to this movie what Anakin and Padme are in the third of the "prequel" movies. Essentially Lucas didn't get any better at writing dialog between love interests in his movies. I did like the part where Leia tells Han she loves him and he says, "I know." Apparently Harrison Ford had to come up with that on the spot since the line he was supposed to say, "I love you, too" didn't sound like something Han would actually say.

That being said here are my likes and dislikes of the movie:
C3PO - Dislike - He always seems to get into trouble doesn't he?
Vadar reveal sequence - Like - "No, I am your father"
Leia kisses Luke - Dislike - Incest is NOT best!
Billie Dee Williams as Lando - Like!!!! Even though he turned on his friend Han, he helped Leia in the end
Yoda - Like! - no one but Yoda can show just how powerful the Force is...though Obi-Wan using the Force on the droids at the beginning of IV was really terrific too. If only I could do that in real life...Daniel would be potty trained for sure!
Obi-Wan as a ghost - dislike - I wish he didn't disappear in the previous film but I am glad that he made sure Luke found Yoda
Han - Like - even despite the weird dialog between him and Leia because the banter was actually not bad!
Princess Leia - Like - I am all for a strong female action hero! Woohoo!
Chewbacca - dislike - I think he'd be less annoying if he SPOKE!

Would I see it again? Yes, it's my favorite of the trilogy
Would I add it to my collection? Already there sweetheart!

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  1. If he actually spoke his lines would be as bad as the written ones.