Friday, January 8, 2010

#10 Shaun of the Dead - this after watching the Wizard of Oz

2004. dir. Edgar Wright, starring Simon Pegg, Kate Ashfield, Nick Frost.

Seen it before? No.

To go from a classic to this was really far-reaching for us...but since Daniel would have been terrified of the gore we saved it for after we put him in bed. Of course I must admit that I didn't want to see this movie from the very beginning...and by that I mean 2004 when it came out. I was like, "Um, no thanks." So now I find myself in a strange situation where I must eat my words because I actually rather enjoyed it.
Simon Pegg is so cute as the hero. Even after a break-up he still wants to save his 'girlfriend'. I love Bill Nighy too! Especially when he confesses he just wanted to be a good role-model for Shaun. So sweet! I even liked the fact that there was a Bizarro Seinfeld moment with Shaun and his friend Yvonne as they tried to flee the zombies...why they didn't just join forces is a mystery because that would have been pretty entertaining I think.

What I hate to admit was my favorite part of the film. See, I am a very mean person...especially since I really rather couldn't wait until the Dave character finally bit the big one...and in the most gory way possible!
Other notable scenes:
  • Ed and Shaun discussing which records they could toss at oncoming zeds
  • Shaun and Ed discussing the plan for what to do with Philip and how to rescue Shaun's loved ones
  • At the very beginning of the movie when Shaun and Liz are talking at the bar and Ed is playing the video game...just watch the movie!
For those who cannot handle gore I still recommend seeing this movie. Especially since it's pretty freaking humorous.

Would I see it again? Hell Yes!

Would I add it to my collection? Um, my birthday is in March if someone wants to get this for me! =)

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