Sunday, January 3, 2010

#3 Duck Soup

1933. dir. Leo McCarey, starring the Marx Brothers, Margaret Dumont.

Seen it before? Not entirely

You know how people can go to an opera, the symphony, or the ballet and not get it? That's how I feel about the Marx brothers. From the way they paint a rectangle of black for a mustache to the fact that one is mute and the title of the actual movie...I'm sure I just don't get it, and that's okay with me. As opposed to Sam who could stand the movie with LESS musical numbers, I thought those were the highlight of the movie since it was not ver well acted in my humble opinion...then again, I couldn't understand the plot and why Mrs. Teasdale would choose Rufus T. Firefly to be the leader of Freedonia...I mean, what the hell were his qualifications? This is why certain people with money should NOT be making decisions about government...hey wait, that's kind of like how our government is now isn't it!??!?!? ARGH! So the Marx brothers have had it right all along!!!!

I sit here wondering if anyone in this world could tell me why the title is Duck Soup...I'm sure I could research it but it's not worth my time.

Would I watch it again? There was a reason I didn't watch it entirely to begin with
Would I make it part of our collection? Well, Netflix on Demand has it as one of the movies you can choose, does that count?

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