Tuesday, January 5, 2010

#7 Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? --Who invites people over for cocktails at 2 in the damn morning?!?!?!

1966. dir. Mike Nichols, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Sandy Dennis, George Segal.

Seen the movie before? No

You know it's going to be an interesting night when the hosts of the cocktail hour are already lit beyond belief. George and Martha are bitter, biting, and well, let's face it, the hosts from hell. I mean, Sam and I joke about the game, "who can make the guests feel more uncomfortable?" but we don't really mean it like these two...and the thing is they just kept on going! What's worse is that you don't know when they really mean it or when they're co-conspiritors against their already completely unsuspecting guest.

And props for the writers for making "Nick" married but could that woman have been more boring? Or should I say, "stereotypical?" But perhaps maybe that's how she was meant. Personally I wanted to smack her and say, there are three other people in this movie who are giving it their all, why the hell aren't you? Then again, she won the best supporting actress. I'm talking about the character not the actress...I'm sure that Sandy Dennis is just lovely and was playing "Honey" exactly as she was meant to be played...I just couldn't stand this character.

Furthermore, the "son"...well, they kind of left you wondering at the end if he even existed...all other reviews I've read say pretty much the same thing. Damn Elizabeth Taylor is a good actress! To pretend with precise accuracy what it was like to have a child...and then cry about his death when...well, you'll have ot see it yourself. As for Richard Burton, I spent a good portion of the movie wondering if he played George drunk and wasn't actually acting. Sam's right, AA would be a good start.

For those of you who will later decide to see the movie, yes, "Nick" is the guy from Just Shoot Me and the baby-daddy of Kirstie Allie's kid in Look Who's Talking.

Would I see it again? Eh, perhaps I should try to watch this while I'm three sheets to the wind
Would I add it to my collection? How else will I teach my child that drinking is BAD for them?

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