Friday, January 8, 2010

A few more on the Wizard:

  • The songs! Didn't mention those at all. The lyrics are really clever, but I never understood a lot of them as a kid. I recommend watching this movie with captions turned on.
  • I forgot all about the Lion's "If I Were King of the Forest" song.
  • The Scarecrow really is the smartest character in the movie... notice he's the one who comes up with all of the plans. The Lion is total dead weight.
  • The witch says she's going to send an "insect" after them, but nothing comes of it. This is a reference to the "Jitterbug" musical number, which got left on the cutting room floor. Hate when that happens. Movie editors, you need to watch for loose ends like this! The most obnoxious case of this that I can remember is the movie Magnolia but we'll discuss that one later.
  • I think we always fast-forwarded the opening Kansas section of the movie, because that part was a lot less familiar to me.
  • The DVD transfer of this looks amazing. Didn't try the Blu-Ray.

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