Saturday, January 9, 2010

#11 Singin' in the Rain - Sam took my snotty movie quote

1952. dir. Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly, starring Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, Donald O'Connor, Jean Hagen.

Seen it before? No.
I swear Taco ( has all the songs from this movie on his CD which I am sure will not surprise you, I own. Daniel loved the movie and so did I...of course Sam had to have the reverse opinion about plot and musicals. I actually said something along the lines of, 'let me guess, you're not getting this as a musical.' to which he replied what he ended up posting on his part of the blog...blah blah the actors should have just sung and danced the whole 90 minutes and I would have been, no Sam, I know you, you wouldn't have been happy and would have complained about it!
This whole process of watching movies made prior to when I was born, ok, let's be honest, prior to when my parents were born, is bringing up a lot of issues that are still around tonight's first movie the issue was what the rags like today's Enquirer or USWeekly print crap that the public believe but aren't at all true about the stars in the stories. Happened then, happens now...history repeats itself and not in a good way. Alas, where would our entertainment be without lies.
I LOVE Debbie Reynolds. She was adorable in My Six Loves, as Grace's mom in Will & Grace, and of course, in this movie she's just awesome. She can sing! She can dance! She can act! the real triple threat to someone like Jean Hagen's Lina Lemont!
I loved Gene Kelly but I think the real scene stealer was Donald O'Connor...and I'm pretty sure Daniel would agree with that assessment!
I loved the music. I loved the amazing effects considering this was made in the early 1950s...specifically when they shoot the scene with Jean Hagen in color and fade to black and white to the movie screening...AWESOME! I even loved the costuming which I think today's fashion people should take a plate from. Women don't need to be baring cleavage all the time to show off rocking figures! The dresses in Singin' in the Rain were cut in such a way that was flirty, stylish and non-whorish! LOVED the outfits!
Would I see it again? If I didn't like the movie I would still watch it to see Daniel's reactions and to hear his giggles!
Would I add it to my collection? Remember that thing I said about my birthday coming up? Yeah, I'd love a copy. For now I'll rely on NetFlix On Demand

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